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What Every First-time Home Buyer Needs to Know About Their Credit ScoreMany people have long wanted to own a home, rather than rent. Canadian residents may appreciate the additional advantages that come with becoming homeowners, such as building equity and making upgrades to suit their preferences or improve the functionality of a space. However, the majority of Canadians cannot afford to pay for a home without taking out a home mortgage loan. As part of the approval process, an applicant's credit score does hold some weight with lenders.

Credit score is one of the factors that will be reviewed by a lender. It is important in the pre-approval process as well, even though being pre-approved for a mortgage loan does not guarantee that an applicant will secure the loan. Even those with poor credit may secure a home

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4 Tips For Selling in a Competitive MarketThere are many different types of markets that people can buy and sell homes in. Some are helpful, some are not. In a buyer’s market, there are more homes for sale than there are buyers looking for homes, allowing buyers to effectively have the pick of the litter and get the best deal. While this is great for buyers, sellers may not even think it’s possible to sell their home when there’s so much competition. However, this fortunately isn’t true. While it might be more difficult to sell in a buyer’s market, homeowners can arm themselves with strategies they can use to attract buyers and help their home sell.

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4 Tips For Buying a Home in a Seller’s MarketOver time, the housing market fluctuates and changes, and this can sometimes lead to a competitive market. One particular market is called a seller’s market, and this occurs when there are more people looking for homes to buy than there are homes for sale. Buying a home in a competitive market like this can be tricky due to the scarcity of homes, but it isn’t impossible so long as the buyer knows how to increase their odds. Here are some of the different strategies home buyers can use to help beat out the competition and land the home of their dreams.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Be Ready to Move Quickly

In any type of

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Your Guide to Home Sale PaperworkEvery province has its own idea of the key paperwork sellers need to transfer their home to the buyer. Despite the specific regulations that govern each home sale though, it helps to have a solid idea of what documents are most important to buyers and why. Whether they're required or not, sellers can use their paperwork as a way to convince buyers that they should take a chance—and maybe even offer more than the asking price.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Buyer's Wish

The buyer wants to know what they're signing up for if they choose to buy the home, and the paperwork can serve as their guide. When a seller is upfront about

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Mortgage Information for Home Buyers Getting a Vacation HomeBuying a vacation home can be very different from buying a primary residence. In particular, mortgages for vacation homes function differently than standard mortgages. Anyone who wants to buy a vacation home should be aware of the how mortgages for vacation homes work, to make the home-buying process go more smoothly.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

How to Obtain a Mortgage for a Vacation Property

People choose to buy vacation property all over the world. The type of mortgage the person must get will depend on the location of the vacation property. Vacation property that is in Canada will require a different mortgage from vacation

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How to Fix Unpermitted WorkUnpermitted work is more common than many homeowners realize with as many as 70% of all homes in the country boasting some type of unauthorized repair or renovation. Previous homeowners may not have realized they needed to ask permission in order to make improvements to their own home, leading to confusion about what was done, when it was done, and how it was completed. Those who suspect they're living in a home with unpermitted work will need to take the following steps to make home improvements and rectify the situation.

Understand the Rules

The rules regarding permits are there to ensure the safety of the property, its neighbors, or the future inhabitants of the area. The expectations for each homeowner will vary from neighborhood to

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What You Should Know About Home PaintingPainting is not only a fun way to make a change, it's also an inexpensive way to improve a home's resale value. It can smooth over some of the cosmetic flaws of a home when staging to sell, helping it look more attractive to both homeowners and passerbys alike. Here are a few tips to get the best possible coats on the exterior of the home.

Make Prep a Priority

The importance of caulking, patching, and cleaning the home first cannot be overstated:

  • Check the sides: Dirt and mildew have a tendency to form in some of the most overlooked corners.
  • Pressure wash the exterior: This step is usually the best way to clear out any peeling paint or other impurities that may have formed over time.
  • Seal the cracks: Caulk all joints (e.g., where
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Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?An old or deteriorated roof can be a big problem for a homeowner. Without being repaired or replaced, a roof leak may lead to wood rot and structural damage. Knowing when to repair or replace a roof is an important part of being a homeowner and caring for a property.

What Causes A Roof to Deteriorate? How Can You Prevent It?

A roof can last anywhere from 20 years to 200, depending on the materials used and the maintenance practices of the homeowner. Deterioration may happen for many reasons. UV rays and exposure to the elements take their toll on roofing materials. Other events that can cause damage to a roof include big storms and natural disasters, ice dams, poor maintenance practices and pest infestation.

Establishing a regular

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Home's FlooringThe flooring that a homeowner selects for their house will have an affect on their home's comfort, style and functionality. Some types of flooring require a lot of maintenance, others require very little. Some flooring can last for centuries, other types will only last a few years. Homeowners who are trying to make their decision should be aware of all the differences in the different types of flooring, so they can choose the type of flooring that works best for them.


Carpeting has the benefit of being soft and relatively warm. It also comes in a range of colours, so it can match just about any interior decor. For seniors and homeowners with small children, carpeting is often a preferred flooring material because it provides padding

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How to Have an Organized RelocationMoving is a logistically difficult thing to do. Between packing, de-cluttering and setting up with movers, it can seem like there's just too much to do at once. Staying organized and starting early can help prevent problems. These tips can help new home buyers stay organized during their relocation.

One Year to Six Months Before Moving: De-Clutter

Clutter makes moving more time consuming, overwhelming and expensive. Home buyers who know they want to purchase a home and move in the next year or two should start the de-cluttering process as early as possible. Starting one year in advance enables the home buyer to de-clutter seasonal items as they are used throughout the year.

Four Months Before Moving: Start Packing

Packing is another

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