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Tips for Moving to a New Home With Less StressBuying a new home is a major event in one's life, and packing up the old abode and transporting everything and everyone to the new dwelling can also be a majorly stressful event. However, with a little bit of strategic planning moving day need not cause mayhem. Here are four easy ways to ease moving into a new home.

1. Make a Moving Plan

Nothing simplifies the moving experience like having a solid and realistic plan. Create a countdown list beginning with the number of days or weeks until the big day, and start outlining goals to reach by set dates. Be realistic when setting target dates to reduce self-induced stress. Keep in mind the distance of the move, as the plans will likely be different for those moving across town versus those making

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Solid Foundation Repair Options for HomesAre the signs of foundation problems becoming undeniable within the exteriors and exteriors of the home? While the most common issues often begin subtly, foundation cracks and shifts caused by soil settlement or sudden natural forces can lead to major home structural issues without proper resolution. Fortunately, there are several modern home foundation fixes that can restore the dwelling's integrity.

Minor cracks caused by shrinkage can generally be repaired with masonry sealants and patches while vertically moving foundations will generally require slab jacking or push pier/piling procedures. However, the best solution will be determined by geographic location, soil quality and the specific condition of the slab itself. Read on to learn more

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5 Signs of Roof DamageThe roof is a major part of the home, and can sustain expensive damage if homeowners do not take quick action. This guide identifies the most common kinds of roof damage, and what people can do to fix it.

Long Icicles

Many problems with the roof start with the gutters. These simple pieces of equipment that are often made out of a thin plastic carry dirt, leaves, and water off the roof. They need clear downspouts that point away from the home's foundation to eliminate this waste. If gutters get clogged and are not cleaned out regularly, they can fill up with debris and water. In winter, this could create icicles more than a meter long. Cleaning the gutters at least once a year, and replacing broken gutters as needed, should take care of the

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What Sellers Should Know About Vacation Homes TaxesSelling a vacation home is going to take a little more energy than selling a primary residence because the two are taxed so differently. The process becomes even more complicated if sellers generated rental income during their time of ownership. To understand the full implications of a sale, sellers should know the basics of capital gains, capital losses, and depreciation before putting the home up on the market.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a certified tax expert before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

How Capital Gains Work

A capital gain refers to the total cost of appreciation from the time the asset was purchased to the time it was sold, with the end result taxed based on the owner's income. So, if

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Should You Worry About Home-buying Contingencies?Both buyers and sellers need to know about home-buying contingencies in a contract. These clauses can offer some advantages but may also create certain obligations that need to be met within stated timeframes. This may serve to move the purchase of a property along or provide a legal means for a party to get out of the contract. What should buyers and sellers know about home-buying contingencies?

Learn more about common Canadian home-buying contingencies before signing a contract today.

Where to Find Those Home Sale Contingency Clauses?

These clauses may be located within the real estate sales contract or contained within an offer to purchase property. For the transaction to be considered as binding, the contingency clauses must be met. If

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Flooring Materials That Fit Your LifestyleFlooring affects the way a home looks and how it is maintained. When a homeowner changes the type of flooring in their house, it's important to consider factors like appearance, comfort, maintenance and value. Performing research about the various types of flooring and considering lifestyle factors can help homeowners choose a type of flooring that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Carpeting: Comfortable and High Maintenance

Carpeting is plush, soft and warm. For Windsong homeowners who don't like to have cold feet, carpeting can be ideal. Because it's padded, carpeting is comfortable under foot and safer in a fall. For this reason, carpeting is often the preferred flooring material for with household members not particularly steady on

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Why Get Residential Solar PanelsMany homeowners have decided that it is time to reduce their energy costs and have turned to a clean energy source to meet their energy needs. Residential solar panels are an affordable option that many homeowners now use. The technology has advanced to a level for homeowners to produce and store enough energy to become completely self-reliant when it comes to generating sufficient energy for their home. There are many reasons why homeowners are adding residential solar panels to their home.

Canadians are in good company as this technology is widely implemented in many first-world nations. Germany, China, Japan, the United States and France are among the countries making solar energy a priority in their development of a clean energy solution.

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Which Energy Upgrades Have the Highest Returns?There's been a lot of talk about how homeowners can do their part when it comes to saving the environment, and yet not every homeowner feels equipped to get started with this popular revolution. Solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and water-saving plumbing can all carry some very hefty price tags for owners who are watching their budget. For those who don't have a lot of capital to invest or just aren't sure how long they'll stay in their home, it's time to consider which energy efficient upgrades will net the best returns depending on the circumstances..

Start with an Audit

Committing to energy efficient upgrades may mean shelling out some cash before even getting started. While this isn't always welcome news to the budget-conscious

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Best Smart Home ImprovementsSmart technology is changing the face of real estate forever. Homes with smart technology make life more convenient for homeowners while making the home more attractive to buyers. Homeowners looking for ways to improve the value of their home can do so by upgrading their home systems with smarter, more modern, more functional pieces of technology. These tips will help homeowners as they get started with their smart home upgrade.

Get A Home Assistant

A home assistant is a machine or an app that can be used to control all the other smart systems in the home. With the home assistant, the homeowner may be able to control his or her own locks, lights, blinds, temperature and other smart components of the home.

Unfortunately, not all home

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Tips for Home StagingHome staging is a smart thing to do before putting a home on the market. On average, homeowners who stage their home are likely to sell their home for almost $1800 more than if they had not prepared their home in this way. Staging is a multi-step process that involves cleaning, de-cluttering, repainting and making the home look more inviting for buyers.


Repainting is a smart idea if the walls of any home are scuffed, dirty, damaged or dated. It's also a good idea to repaint rooms that have been painted bold, vibrant, unusual colours. Bright shades of purple, green, blue and red are less likely to appeal to buyers than neutral colours like beige, gray, blue-gray and green-gray. Repainting a home in neutral shades can help that home

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