August 2018

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Why You Need to Review Your Home WarrantyCanadian homeowners may give little thought to their home warranty but should know more, especially when buying a new home. There are some differences between a home warranty and home insurance policy, with specific timelines applying to coverage.

Learn more about Canadian home warranties today to ensure your home is covered when anything happens to it.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Fundamentals of Home Warranties

Home warranties are not alike and are known to vary. There are a number of home warranty programs available, such as single New Home Warranty Programs, mono-provincial warranty programs and third-party warranties.

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Downsizing In A Hurry: Tips and TricksThere's nothing more frustrating than downsizing at the last minute. Getting rid of old possessions can be time consuming as well as emotionally draining. Many people who downsize from a large home into a smaller home will take months or years to make their downsizing complete. People who need to downsize in a matter of weeks may find themselves facing a difficult challenge. These tips will help people purchasing new homes who need to get rid of their extra possessions in a hurry.

Set Goals and a Schedule

The first step in any downsizing, whether it's being done in a hurry or not, is to make a plan and set a schedule. Downsizing is best done room by room. Homeowners who need to downsize in a rush can set a schedule to go through each room a

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