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There is so much to consider when it comes to the daunting thought of buying your first home, decisions like this don’t come any bigger. This is an extremely stressful period, especially for young couples buying their first-time home. However, help is available and advised.

Before you take the plunge have a look at the top 5 commonly asked questions for new home buyers.

How can I begin to save for a Mortgage?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer or clever trick for this. It’s a matter of planning and ultimately budgeting. The golden rule is to get as many of your debts paid as you can. Make a spending plan and stick closely to it, and be as focused on your goal as possible.

What is the average age for first-time home buyers nowadays?

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Established in 2012, Il Forno offers true Italian food. The word Il Forno is Italian for, “The Oven.” Owners Sal and Anna Maria Monnas, believe in using quality ingredients that are fresh. They want patrons to visit their restaurant and feel like they have taken a trip to Napoli, Italy.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has an oversized clay oven, which is heated with wood. The oven is in a domed shape, which allows the temperature to circulate up and down. This ensures that the pizza is thoroughly baked, and gives it the one-of-a-kind flavour that guest rave about. The oven will hit a maximum of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows a pizza to be cooked within three minutes.

On the main level of the restaurant, you will find the Pizzeria. Here their menu

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Getting a mortgage is exciting, but also quite scary. Many new homeowners have questions about the mortgage they are getting. Here are some of the most commonly asked mortgage questions from new homeowners.

How much of a mortgage will I be able to get?

The amount of the mortgage you will be able to take out depends on your gross monthly income, your credit and a few other factors. Often, it will be give you a monthly payment of no more than 32% of your gross monthly income.

How big will my down payment need to be?

If you don't want to pay mortgage default insurance, you will need a down payment of at least 20% of the value of the home. However, if you don't mind paying for mortgage default insurance, you can put about 5% down to purchase a new

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The Taj Indian Restaurant is under new management and will be putting an emphasis on fine dining becoming a true tradition. The restaurant serves plenty of fine Indian dishes with all types of choices on the menu. If you love Indian cuisine, this restaurant is certainly worth a try.

The restaurant is family-owned and operated with a large selection of entrees and desserts. The bar provides plenty of spirits, liquors and all types of drinks. You can enjoy single malt whiskeys or something a bit lighter from the bar, as well.

The Menu

Taj Indian Restaurant has become famous in the Airdrie area for Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken. However, these are just a few of the many dishes they serve. Some of the other top choices on

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The real estate market always sees a big increase during the springtime. You will see a lot of owners ready to list their homes on the market, and a lot of people are ready to buy. Open houses tend to be one of the best ways to market your home.

Some people question if an open house is really beneficial. You will find real estate agents weighing the odds, and there are numerous opinions regarding open houses.

Here are some pros and cons when it comes to holding an open house.

Benefits of an open house

Typically, a great way to get people interested in buying your home. Unlike pictures, interested buyers will be able to physically walk through the home, and ask questions. It is so much easier for potential buyers to envision living in the home

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in the suburbs? Life would be so much different living in a peaceful setting away from the fast pace of the inner city. Here is a general overview of life in the suburbs so you can get a true picture of it and see if it is something you would like to explore.


When you are first looking at a beautiful house in the suburbs you will see that home as it is and won't be looking at all the qualifying factors of living in it. Unless you work at a business in that community, you're going to have to do some commuting. Other people in that suburb are also going to be commuting and probably around the same time that you will be heading to work and back. This means that you are going to be stuck in

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Sushi Haru is the first Japanese restaurant to be offered in Airdrie. They offer amazing Japanese cuisine, which includes only the freshest fish available. Patrons rave about their dining experience, and continue to return time and time again. Sushi Haru offers amazing food and great service at a budget friendly price.

You will find a number of rolls among menu options, including the heart attack roll. This roll is very spicy, but is the most popular roll on the menu. Other favourites include the dynamite roll. There is a vast offering of vegetarian dishes, among familiar Japanese favourites.

Customer satisfaction is highly important to Sushi Haru, and they ensure you get the fine dining experience that you deserve. They are one of the best kept

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If you are in the market for a new home or a piece of land you are probably wondering how best to find that perfect slice of the pie. In the past, you had to rely on an agent to guide you to available homes for sale. These days, however, you have many more options for finding property and can call in an agent once you’ve discovered a place you see on the computer or in a magazine.

One of the primary resources that will be immensely helpful in your search is the Internet. All real estate agents and agencies have put their listings online. Simply navigate to their websites and use the search function to narrow the listings to the ones that fit your needs. This is an excellent way to find property in your local area or other cities if you are looking to

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Most people that put their homes on the market are hoping for a quick sale. In addition to hiring a good real estate agent and setting the right price on your home, you should also work on turning up your home’s visual appeal. A house that looks great inside and out will attract buyers and help you sell your home faster.

The first thing people will notice is the home’s exterior. Concentrate on your home’s curb appeal. The lawn should be perfectly manicured at all times and it is a good idea to strategically plant flowers or shrubbery to give the house a picturesque quality. As well, promote your privacy fence if you have one. This is an excellent way to ease a potential buyer’s worries about nosy neighbours.

Home buyers must be able to visualize

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A Greek restaurant with plenty to offer in Airdrie, Paros on Main has been a popular choice for more than a decade. It's the perfect spot for a celebration, a romantic date or a night out with family.

The authentic dining experience is one you won't soon for forget. Not only will you enjoy traditional dishes, but also Greek music, live entertainment and dancing on Fridays and Saturdays. It's best to make your reservations early in the week if you want to dine at Paros on Main on the weekend.

The restaurant also features a regular dinner menu and also a business lunch dinner. This menu features affordable options for lunch, such as Calamari, Saganaki, Souvlaki and more. Most lunch items are under $11.

Since the restaurant is quiet and provides

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