August 2016

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The sounds of construction ring out across south west Airdrie.  The plaza known as Cooper’s Town Promenade is in mid-build and right on schedule, taking up five-hectares of land in the upscale neighbourhood of Cooper’s Crossing.

WestMark Holding Ltd., developer of the commercial project destined to open next year, is planning for Airdrie’s future and the current economic situation is just a distraction.

Paul Gerla, the general manager of the firm, told the local newspaper that he had a vision to create an exciting shopping experience in that end of the city and is prepared to see it through. Cooper’s Town Promenade will have a grocery store and other recession-proof businesses such as a day care and medical services. These are resilient businesses

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There’s a famous line from the musical “Oliver”, where Oliver Twist stands in front of the stout Mr. Bumble with a bowl in his hands, hoping for second serving of gruel.

“Please sir, can I have some more?”

An empty bowl reminds us of hunger – not only in Charles Dicken’s day but throughout the modern world right now.   And that includes right here in Airdrie.

With the current economic slump, the demands on Food Banks throughout Alberta is great.  Keeping the shelves stocked this year has been a challenge which is why the Airdrie Food Bank is asking for help.

One way Airdrie residents can assist is by attending the 10th Annual Airdrie Empty Bowl Arts Festival on Saturday, Sept. 10 at the Food Bank from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  This event is

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Residents of Airdrie are minutes from Cross Iron Mills, one of the largest indoor shopping malls in Alberta. Due to the popularity of the complex, it was deemed necessary to upgrade and enlarge the food court after just seven years in operation.   It took two years of planning and now the food court has now reopened as Food Hall.  Cross Iron Mills recently celebrated it’s grand opening with a variety of new offerings at the new Food Hall which is located close to the theatres.

Renovated at a cost of $600 million, there is now room for 1,400 patrons which is 29% more seating than what was available in the old food court facility, which has been closed. The 46,000 square foot space where the old food court used to be will be overhauled to create space

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