3 Home Improvements to Avoid Before Selling Your House

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 at 8:01am.

What Not to Do Before Selling Your HomeYou may have heard that home improvements make your Woodside home easier to sell. While this is frequently true, it's not always true. Knowing which home improvements can actually make your home harder to sell can be very helpful, if you're thinking about listing your home in the near future. Below are three home improvements that may complicate the home selling process or reduce your home's value.

1. Landscape Changes That Complicate Exterior Maintenance

Home buyers like homes that are easy to maintain. Landscaping changes that require the homeowner to do a lot of work can make some home buyers think twice about purchasing a property. For example, stay away from landscaping changes that would require the homeowner to water their lawn more than average, or that would require the homeowner to prune plants several times each year.

Opt instead for plants that need minimal watering and minimal care. Drought-tolerant plants and native plants, for example, often thrive on the natural conditions in the area. These plants are good for the environment, easy to care for and desirable to buyers.

2. Changes that Make Your Home "Stick Out"

Many home buyers can be deterred by properties that seem strange compared to their neighbors. For example, a home that is painted a strange colour compared to the surrounding houses may be harder to sell. If you're painting your home before listing your house for sale, choose a colour that looks good with other homes nearby. If you need guidance on how to do this, find out more by consulting with a real estate professional.

3. Removal of a Bedroom

Home buyers like to have space to fit guests and many children. Removal of a bedroom can reduce the number of people who would be interested in purchasing the home. Any change that might involve removal of a wall to combine one bedroom with another room of the house is likely to reduce the value of that home.

Work With Your Real Estate Professional

If you're planning to sell your home sometime in the near future, and you're not sure which home improvements will be most valuable, work with a real estate professional. Your real estate agent can help you decide which home upgrades will make your home desirable to buyers.

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