February 2016

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There are food banks and social service programs for people during hard times.  So staff at an Airdrie business wants to make sure that pets aren’t left out and that their owners are able to care for them and even keep them during these uncertain times.

The business is Four on the Floor, which is an Airdrie business that offers doggie daycare, boarding and training services.  Employees have pooled their talents and resources to create pet food hampers for those who need them.  The hampers contain 10 cups of dog food, doggie treats and a coupon for services that pet owners may need for basic things such as grooming, nail trips or baths.

The need for hampers came to light in Airdrie when Four on the Floor staff members observed that more people need

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Just outside of Airdrie, Andre Gaudraeu is planning and building his tiny house.  The Airdrie Echo recently interviewed him to talk about his project, which is a 25 square metre house that, despite its diminutive dimensions, will have a shower, living room and study and a real kitchen.

Gaudraue is a carpenter and wanted to find a new way to live better and not bigger.

He’s using quality, recycled materials and hopes the experience of building his house and then living in it will change his life.  He’d like to be self-sufficient in the future by growing food and raising chickens.

Others in the Airdrie area are interested in what he’s doing, and after he’s finished his he’d like to help people with their tiny homes.

He is fortunate in that he

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There are a lot of perks to living in Airdrie.  Living in a town with a healthy business climate is one of them.

The City of Airdrie has released from figures from 2015 which indicate that despite the economic downtown affecting the province as a whole, construction and business development at the local level held steady.

Specifically, 351 new businesses opened last year, creating nearly 400 new jobs.  Of the new businesses, 300 were home-based.

Even the City’s economic development department was happy with these numbers.

The number of business license issued increased by 8% over 2014, from 3,325 to 3,584. 

It would appear that construction in Airdrie is also healthy, with an estimated value of close to $50 million.  That includes

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There are an awful lot of houses for sale in Airdrie.  From new construction to older bungalows in the centre of town.  It’s a huge buyer’s market, which means house shoppers can take their time, weigh their options and ask for the moon when it comes to negotiations.

Why would they choose your home over many others just like it in Airdrie?

While you can’t control what the buyer wants in a home, you can control how your home looks, how quickly a buyer can get into it.  Here are just three things you can do to keep competitive and make your home the most attractive it can be. (Hint – it’s not always about good looks).

First – get a home inspection

One of the standard conditions of sale is a home inspection.  In the old days of more buyers than

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