July 2016

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If you’re looking to build a new home on a 50 foot lot, the Town of Crossfield will welcome you with open arms. There’s nothing that the town of 3,000 people wants more than to not be Calgary.

Town councilors were 100% in favour of amending the Municipal Development Plan that was adopted some years ago when the town was part of the Calgary Regional Partnership.  That plan called for creating higher density, similar to the path that development in the City of Calgary was following.  However, Crossfield which is 10 minutes north of Airdrie, opted out of the CRP in late 2011 and now a motion has been approved to undensify, as it were.

The former plan called for residential development in the town to come in at 8 units per acre to a maximum of 10.  The

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Analysis of June’s MLS® numbers as compiled by the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) show that real estate in Airdrie is faring well.  There were 150 sales listed on the MLS® service with growth reported in the new construction sector as well.

Sales numbers look good as well as the average sale price in Airdrie.   With numbers up and the number of residential units on the market actually shrinking, the real estate market in Airdrie experienced some balance in June 2016 with some cautious optimism that this might continue to the end of this calendar year.

Average price increases

The average sale price for residential product in Airdrie was $396,000 in June, an increase of $14,000 over average prices in May 2016.   Compare this to what happened in

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Would you embrace the latest in home technology if it would also save you money?  Even late adopters can get on board some nifty devices that will cost money now and save money down the road.  What makes it easier is that new home builders are incorporating fantastic new technology into their offerings in Airdrie.   Some may be flashy but some increase home efficiency and security.  Here are some things you can find in today’s modern new construction.

Automated Lights

At the top of the “hey this is cool” list are automated lights.  We’re not talking lighting just with motion sensors but lighting that can be programmed.  You can change the lights for different times of day, different activities in the home such as cooking in the kitchen, reading in

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