March 2019

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How to Stay Safe at HomeAccidents at home can be deadly, but many of them can be avoided. For those who are new to home ownership and who want to keep their home safe, especially if they are considering selling their home in the near future, these tips can help people avoid accidents in various rooms around the house.


Around 7,000 residential fires occur per year in Canada, and the death rate in these fires is approximately 1%. Fires can be caused by many things including electrical problems, problems with fireplaces and ovens, lit cigarettes and lit candles.

Although there are many ways that homeowners can protect themselves from residential fires, perhaps most important is to keep operational smoke detectors in every room of the house.

Smoke detectors

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What Every First-time Home Buyer Needs to Know About Their Credit ScoreMany people have long wanted to own a home, rather than rent. Canadian residents may appreciate the additional advantages that come with becoming homeowners, such as building equity and making upgrades to suit their preferences or improve the functionality of a space. However, the majority of Canadians cannot afford to pay for a home without taking out a home mortgage loan. As part of the approval process, an applicant's credit score does hold some weight with lenders.

Credit score is one of the factors that will be reviewed by a lender. It is important in the pre-approval process as well, even though being pre-approved for a mortgage loan does not guarantee that an applicant will secure the loan. Even those with poor credit may secure a home

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