July 2019

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How to Prepare a Home with Pets for SaleEven animal lovers may be turned off by a property that once housed multiple pets. From odors to structural damage, animals can leave permanent marks wherever they go. Selling a home can be tricky, with lots of things to consider. Selling a home with pets can be a challange, so consider the following tips to when selling a home with pets.

Get a Second Opinion

Pet owners are typically all but immune to the smells and signs of their pets, which is why they should enlist the help of someone they know before cleaning their home. Since the other person's eyes, ears, and nose are unaccustomed to the property, they're more likely to catch problem areas the seller wouldn't. A second opinion doesn't necessarily have to come from a real estate

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Top Sustainable Construction TrendsWhen looking at construction technology, sustainability has become increasingly popular. Residential new construction home buyers may be looking for homes built in ways that are more environmentally-conscious and companies are interested in using less energy, and creating healthier work environments while avoiding sick building syndrome. As sustainability has impacts on not only the environment, but on those residing or spending significant time within a building, clients are exerting more pressure on construction companies to make sustainable construction a priority. Construction companies in the know can use this to their advantage as not all have yet embraced more sustainable construction technology.

Building green is not new to the construction

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