March 2016

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An overwhelming majority of Airdrie residents who recently completed the 2016 Citizen Satisfaction Survey conducted by the City say they’re pretty much okay with living there.

In all, 96% of respondents indicated they were satisfied overall with the type of quality of life they enjoyed in Airdrie.

The satisfaction survey was taken over a week-long period in January of 2016 and polled the thoughts of 400 people in a random telephone survey.  The survey included more than 5,000 residents but many declined to participate and many more could not be contacted by telephone.

Compared with the survey taken in the same time frame last year, the rating is down by 1% - from 97% in 2015 to 96% this year.

However, the research firm which conducted the

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There’s a reason why school breakfast programs are popping up all over Canada.  Kids aren’t eating at home, often because there’s no food for them at home and sometimes because there just isn’t’ time.

An Airdrie mom is jumping on the breakfast bandwagon and has rallied local businesses to help her get other residents on board to feed local students the most important meal of the day.

Nancy McPhee who is with Stephen’s Backpacks Society in Airdrie has partnered with Suzanne Turner, who is a manager with Superstore in Airdrie to spread awareness of the value and importance of a nutritious meal first thing in the morning. McPhee has been a regular volunteer with the breakfast program run at Airdrie’s George McDougall School which is completely

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Like items destined for the Blue Cart, Airdrie city council refused to throw out the idea of a recycling program in multi-family developments.

At the March 7 meeting, Council approved with 100% participation from members to implement a new program.

The idea itself was ratified last fall when Council voted to add condos, townhouses and apartment buildings to the municipal recycling program through private contractors, but asked City of Airdrie staff to come back to chambers with more thorough details on the mechanics of the program.

Airdrie Waste and Recycling Services team leader, Susan Grimm, outlined the requirements of the program to Council and stated that owners and building management must provide residents with things like storage

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Residents of northwest Airdrie are eagerly watching the construction of a new fire hall on Veteran’s Boulevard.  The hall is being constructed at a cost of $5.9 million and so far it’s on budget.

Members of municipal council and Airdrie media had a sneak peek at the new facility which should ready to roll by July at the latest.

The crew that will occupy the new fire hall is currently working out of the hall on Main Street which was constructed in 1979.  Emergency responders and ambulances from Alberta Health Services will also move into the hall providing faster service for Airdrie residents on the north side of the city.

A spokesperson for the Airdrie Fire Department says the transition will be smooth with no disruption to what they say is a

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