July 2018

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3 Hidden Hazards Lurking in Canadian HomesLives may be at risk when Canadian homeowners fail to monitor and attend to potential dangers within home. From smoke to carbon monoxide to other hidden dangers, how can occupants reduce potential home hazards? Learn about common hidden dangers found in residences today.

Fire In the Home: Where There Is Smoke…

A smoke alarm may be installed but not be operating as intended. Know that monthly testing is suggested for smoke alarms and that batteries need to be replaced not once, but twice a year. A properly functioning smoke alarm can provide early detection of a possible fire. Protect household members by installing and maintaining smoke alarms as fires in a home can lead to serious burns, injuries and worse.

In case of a fire, all

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Tips for Moving to a New Home With Less StressBuying a new home is a major event in one's life, and packing up the old abode and transporting everything and everyone to the new dwelling can also be a majorly stressful event. However, with a little bit of strategic planning moving day need not cause mayhem. Here are four easy ways to ease moving into a new home.

1. Make a Moving Plan

Nothing simplifies the moving experience like having a solid and realistic plan. Create a countdown list beginning with the number of days or weeks until the big day, and start outlining goals to reach by set dates. Be realistic when setting target dates to reduce self-induced stress. Keep in mind the distance of the move, as the plans will likely be different for those moving across town versus those making

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