November 2017

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A Step-by-Step Guide To Home BuyingBuying a home may be complicated, but it's easier if potential buyers take it just one step at a time. Use this short guide to get a better idea of how the next few weeks (or months) will look.

Finances First

Before buyers even look at an Open House sign, it helps to know what they can afford first. To avoid frustration, talk to your bank about available loans. (For a quick calculation, it's recommended that buyers spend about a third of their income on a mortgage payment.) Remember that pre-approval is not a guarantee by any means. Just because a bank states that a buyer is eligible for a loan of $500,000 doesn't mean that the loan always goes through. Pre-approval is generally a good way to determine financial security, but the reality is

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4 Solutions to Home Showing MistakesShowing a home is one of the most important parts of selling a home. This is when interested home buyers come through and hopefully fall in love with the home so much that they feel they have to put in an offer. However, many homeowners don’t realize that some of the things they do are quietly sabotaging their chances at finding that buyer. Here are some common mistakes homeowners make when showing their home and how to avoid them.

1. Pets and Homeowners at Home

When having buyers come see the home with their agents, some homeowners may think it’s perfectly acceptable to stay in the home and go about their business or even shadow the visitors to see what they think of the home. However, homeowners at home can be detrimental to a home’s chances

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