June 2018

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Solid Foundation Repair Options for HomesAre the signs of foundation problems becoming undeniable within the exteriors and exteriors of the home? While the most common issues often begin subtly, foundation cracks and shifts caused by soil settlement or sudden natural forces can lead to major home structural issues without proper resolution. Fortunately, there are several modern home foundation fixes that can restore the dwelling's integrity.

Minor cracks caused by shrinkage can generally be repaired with masonry sealants and patches while vertically moving foundations will generally require slab jacking or push pier/piling procedures. However, the best solution will be determined by geographic location, soil quality and the specific condition of the slab itself. Read on to learn more

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5 Signs of Roof DamageThe roof is a major part of the home, and can sustain expensive damage if homeowners do not take quick action. This guide identifies the most common kinds of roof damage, and what people can do to fix it.

Long Icicles

Many problems with the roof start with the gutters. These simple pieces of equipment that are often made out of a thin plastic carry dirt, leaves, and water off the roof. They need clear downspouts that point away from the home's foundation to eliminate this waste. If gutters get clogged and are not cleaned out regularly, they can fill up with debris and water. In winter, this could create icicles more than a meter long. Cleaning the gutters at least once a year, and replacing broken gutters as needed, should take care of the

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