September 2016

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Multi-family developments are affordable alternatives to single-family homes.  Easy to keep up, lower taxes and lower purchase prices overall make a town home or attached home an excellent purchase as a first-time home or first home out of an apartment.  However, a councillor in Airdrie thinks the city has too much of a good thing.

Allan Hunter is on the Municipal Planning Commission in Airdrie and according to the Airdrie Echo, he has voted against quite a few applications from multi-family home developers because of several concerns that he has.

Hunter commented that more consideration needs to be given to the impact these projects will have on the community at large before Airdrie council gives the green light.   While townhome development may

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Airdrie residents will be thrilled to know that 24-hour Urgent Care is coming in 2017.  A city of 60,000-plus requires around-the-clock medical care and it’s on its way.

Sarah Hoffman is the provincial health minister and during her announcement this week in Airdrie, she said keeping the Urgent Care Centre open all the time will not only service residents in Airdrie, it will help reduce wait time at hospitals in Calgary.

Because of long patient wait times in Calgary, residents from the north end of the city will often travel north to Airdrie because of the smaller population, or at least, there’s a perception that wait times would be smaller.

Currently, the Urgent Care Centre in Airdrie at 604 Main Street  is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.  It

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For a city of 61,000 people, it is surprising that there is just one indoor pool.  Genesis Place, located on the city’s south east quadrant by East Lake, north of Big Springs.

The facility has more than one pool, however the way it’s designed there are limited areas to hold lessons, therefore there are a limited number of people the recreational complex can host in the pool.

However, there is a campaign underway by the City of Airdrie to gauge interest in having more swimming pools in the city.  The City wants feedback from citizens so it can understand how large the need is and what type of programs people in Airdrie want.

The poll is being conducted because anytime registration for programs at Genesis Place opens up, they are filled

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