4 Tips for Using a Drone to Sell a Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, February 20th, 2020 at 8:07am.

How to Use a Drone to Sell A HomeDrones have become exceptionally popular as of late, especially as the cost to manufacture these devices plummets in price. But despite the seeming ubiquity, we're only scratching the surface of how they can be used to improve any number of industries. The good news is that real estate professionals were one of the first to spot and develop the potential for easy aerial videos. Those interested in learning more about how a drone can be used to secure a better bid on a Luxstone home should consider the following tips.

Be Open

Drones for the average single-family homes may seem unnecessary for many home sellers, especially if they're not in a seller's market. But drone footage can be useful regardless of the home's market value. It ultimately helps attract people who are serious about making an offer rather than the merely curious. Real estate agents will vouch that this selling tactic has made it faster to sell homes on average, simply because it streamlines the potential buyer experience before scheduling open house visits. And while there are some homes that may not justify the expense of this footage, it helps if sellers keep an open mind before discounting the option.

Remember the Rules

Canada has had drone regulations in place since the 1990s when drones were used primarily for the military. For some neighborhoods, local officials may impose heavy regulations on how and where drones can fly. Montreal's law enforcement may issue fines of up to $1,000 for drone operators—without the benefit of a warning. There are a few general rules that home sellers should take note of before getting started:

  • Homeowners cannot fly a drone in a restricted airspace
  • Drone operators are required to yield to children and animals whenever in use
  • Operators are not allowed to take any photos or videos of neighbors without their express permission

Consider a Professional

While it will be more expensive, this can be a great option for many sellers. As noted, the rules can become complicated in certain neighborhoods, and the right operator will take on the responsibility to capture captivating shots without breaking any of the laws. For example, there may be specific times of the day when a drone is prohibited from flying. A professional will also understand how to edit the footage to create the images that will pull a buyer in and bond them to the property.

Know What to Show

Ideally, sellers should be showing buyers the reality of their home and even the larger neighborhood. This may include showing the specific amenities near the home, such as community centers or grocery stores. It can also highlight the conditions of the roads and sidewalks that surround the home. Let the drone capture the beautiful colors in the garden and the strength and stability of the roof and sides of the home.

A real estate agent can be a serious asset to sellers who want to use drone footage to sell their home. They can let sellers know the top priorities of the average in the neighborhood. For example, are sellers in an area where buyers want plenty of room to stretch out or would they rather be in a city center where everything is right outside their door? This information is vital to sellers who want to portray the home in the best possible light.

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