April 2018

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Flooring Materials That Fit Your LifestyleFlooring affects the way a home looks and how it is maintained. When a homeowner changes the type of flooring materials in their house, it's important to consider factors like appearance, comfort, maintenance and value. Performing research about the various types of flooring and considering lifestyle factors can help homeowners choose a type of flooring that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Carpeting: Comfortable and High Maintenance

Carpeting is plush, soft and warm. For Windsong homeowners who don't like to have cold feet, carpeting can be ideal. Because it's padded, carpeting is comfortable under foot and safer in a fall. For this reason, carpeting is often the preferred flooring material for homes with household members not

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Why Get Residential Solar PanelsMany homeowners have decided that it is time to reduce their energy costs and have turned to a clean energy source to meet their energy needs. Solar panels for houses are an affordable option that many homeowners now use. The technology has advanced to a level for homeowners to produce and store enough energy to become completely self-reliant when it comes to generating sufficient energy for their home. Is solar power worth it? There are many reasons why homeowners are adding residential solar panels to their home.

It has become a common sight for homeowners to see residential solar panel systems on homes in communities. Canadians are in good company as this technology is widely implemented in many first-world nations. Germany, China, Japan, the

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