June 2017

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Down Payment InfoBuying a home can be an excellent investment for building financial wealth, as well as one of the most cost-effective ways of providing the best possible housing solution. Unlike renting, home ownership offers individuals, couples, and families freedom from worry about rising lease rates or stress from dealing with less than optimal property management situations. Tenants and others who are considering making the leap to home ownership often have questions, especially about the down payment, how it is used in the loan process, and how much money they will need to have saved before moving ahead to purchase a home. 

Understanding the Down Payment Process

The amount of money buyers put down on a home purchase is deducted from the total cost of

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Energy Efficient Upgrades to Add Before SellingIn the middle of the summer, it is sometimes difficult to show how comfortable your home could be in the freezing winter. If your home is especially well-prepared for the colder months, you can present it as a major benefit to buyers. Here are a few tips to set your home apart from the average.

Feature Heating and Cooling

The way your home is heated and cooled does not always occur to buyers to look for. Unless they notice that it is uncomfortably stuffy or icy cold around windows, they might not think to ask about it at all. If this is a particularly nice aspect of your home, do not hesitate to show it off. Talk about the furnace and how it's been exceptionally well cared for during your tenure in the home. Offer to show guests how it works.

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