April 2019

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The Straight Facts on Mold RemediationMold remediation can be a complex issue for homeowners if they have little to no experience with it. Mold removal is very important if a homeowner is considering selling their home. The sheer number of mold species would be enough to exhaust anyone before even getting started. Understanding mold risks and remediation starts with addressing the serious nature of the substance. Unlike mildew, mold typically can't be treated with regular cleaners. Here are a few tips for homeowners if the moisture in the surrounding air is causing an unwanted mold infestation.

Illness Risks

Mold can cause respiratory problems if residents are exposed to it over a prolonged period. Experts recommend seeing a doctor if anyone in the home is experiencing

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A Room by Room Guide on How to Upgrade Home LightingThe lighting needs of each household differs according to the interests, hobbies and preferences of the people who live there. In most homes, the original lighting cannot shine brightly enough to fully illuminate all corners of each room. New construction homeowners can overcome this problem by upgrading the light fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and entryway. This guide can help with the selection of the best lights for each room.

Kitchen Lighting

With sharp knives and other tools in use on a regular basis, the kitchen needs to have bright, focused lighting on all the work areas. Softer lighting all around can also help make the kitchen an inviting place for the household to gather.

For this reason, strategic placement of

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