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What You Should Know About Home PaintingPainting is not only a fun way to make a change, it's also an inexpensive way to improve a home's resale value. It can smooth over some of the cosmetic flaws of a home when staging to sell, helping it look more attractive to both homeowners and passerbys alike. Here are a few tips to get the best possible coats on the exterior of the home.

Make Prep a Priority

The importance of caulking, patching, and cleaning the home first cannot be overstated:

  • Check the sides: Dirt and mildew have a tendency to form in some of the most overlooked corners.
  • Pressure wash the exterior: This step is usually the best way to clear out any peeling paint or other impurities that may have formed over time.
  • Seal the cracks: Caulk all joints (e.g., where
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Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?An old or deteriorated roof can be a big problem for a homeowner. Without being repaired or replaced, a roof leak may lead to wood rot and structural damage. Knowing when to repair or replace a roof is an important part of being a homeowner and caring for a property.

What Causes A Roof to Deteriorate? How Can You Prevent It?

A roof can last anywhere from 20 years to 200, depending on the materials used and the maintenance practices of the homeowner. Deterioration may happen for many reasons. UV rays and exposure to the elements take their toll on roofing materials. Other events that can cause damage to a roof include big storms and natural disasters, ice dams, poor maintenance practices and pest infestation.

Establishing a regular

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Home's FlooringThe flooring that a homeowner selects for their house will have an affect on their home's comfort, style and functionality. Some types of flooring require a lot of maintenance, others require very little. Some flooring can last for centuries, other types will only last a few years. Homeowners who are trying to make their decision should be aware of all the differences in the different types of flooring, so they can choose the type of flooring that works best for them.


Carpeting has the benefit of being soft and relatively warm. It also comes in a range of colours, so it can match just about any interior decor. For seniors and homeowners with small children, carpeting is often a preferred flooring material because it provides padding

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