October 2016

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Autumn in Southern Alberta – that lovely time when you turn on your forced-air furnace for the first time since spring and an odd burning smell blows through your home.  Is it normal or does your gas furnace need a tune up?

It could be something simple like dust or a filter that needs replacing.  But it might possible be something in the electrical system.  Do you know for sure?  Read on….

Your Dad Says It’s Burning Dust

Perhaps you remember being a kid and smelling that interesting furnace smell in late fall when your parents finally gave in and turned on the heat.  It’s burning dust, you were told.  Dust collects on the heat exchanger in your furnace over the summer months and when the fan starts to blow that hot air the smell wafts through the

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After an explosion in the number of people pouring into Airdrie over the last decade, population growth has significantly slowed down giving the municipality a chance to catch its breath.

The population growth was actually the lowest its been in the past five years in 2015 and 2016 numbers indicate that growth remains slow but hasn’t fallen short of last year’s numbers. Calgarians remains the number one source of new residents to Airdrie and continue to purchase homes in many of Airdrie's popular new communities. 

According to the City’s latest census, the population of Airdrie stands at 61,842, a rise of 5.37% over last year.  That may sound quite good, but in 2014 the City grew by 11%.  In the past two years, the number of new migrants has fallen

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Can you have a luxury home without the million-dollar price tag?  Designers today are adding luxurious amenities in every room of the house, providing a modern touch and increasing value.  If you’re building a home or renovating an older one, consider every room and how you can add design features like these.

Make an entrance

Regal entry ways are the order of the day in a luxury home. Something that says you’ve “arrived”. Coat closets are gone, floors are polished, ceilings are high.  A grand entrance is in order in luxury homes no matter what the square footage.  Unfettered, clutter-free but welcoming.  This is where you want a gorgeous light fixture that creates impact. If there’s a staircase in the front entrance, make them open steps that create

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