December 2017

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Important Trends in Outdoor LivingA well-planned and executed outdoor living space can serve many functions for homeowners. Spaces large and small can serve as a place to entertain, dine or relax. Oftentimes, current realizations of outdoor living space designs make an outdoor living space into an extension of a home and interior design elements may be incorporated into an area for a cohesive look. On the other hand, other homeowners prefer a deliberate separateness achieved with a themed look different than what may be captured inside the home.

There are a number of trends that can be included to make for an attractive and functional outdoor living space, that much like other home improvements, may improve the value of your home! Learn more about a few current trends when

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Considerations When Deciding to Buy a Condo or Single Family Home in CanadaThose in the market to buy a dwelling in Canada for personal use or as an investment property often want to know whether a condo or a single family home is the smartest choice. While both can be comfortable and wise investments overall, here are a few things that potential buyers should consider beforehand.

Explore Current Pricing Fluctuations

Markets can rise, stay steady or suddenly fall. Many investors and homeowners may remember the period of 1990–1996 when home and condo prices in Toronto dropped annually before stabilizing. While real estate prices have primarily recovered, one must pay attention to the market conditions when buying a home or condo, as their valuations and markets typically differ.

A historical example of fluctuating

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