December 2016

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Reasonable property tax is one of the reasons why Calgarians purchase a home in Airdrie.  In 2017, the City of Airdrie council has agreed to increase property taxes by just 0.63%.

That means if your property tax bill as a home owner in Airdrie is $2,300 a year, your tax will rise to $2,314.49.

The modest increase was not without some budget wrangling by Airdrie city council.  One of the moves in Airdre’s $130 operating budget for next year was to chop a quarter of a million dollars out of the snow and ice reserve fund.  That brought the tax increase down to .63% from the original 1.14%.  It was approved unanimously.

The Airdrie Echo reported that Candice Kolson, an Airdrie councillor, brought the motion forward to council and she said was pleased

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