3 Tips for Getting a Home with Pets Ready for Sale

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, July 18th, 2019 at 2:59pm.

How to Prepare a Home with Pets for SaleEven animal lovers may be turned off by a property that once housed multiple pets. From odors to structural damage, animals can leave permanent marks wherever they go. Selling a home can be tricky, with lots of things to consider. Selling a home with pets can be a challange, so consider the following tips to when selling a home with pets.

Get a Second Opinion

Pet owners are typically all but immune to the smells and signs of their pets, which is why they should enlist the help of someone they know before cleaning their home. Since the other person's eyes, ears, and nose are unaccustomed to the property, they're more likely to catch problem areas the seller wouldn't. A second opinion doesn't necessarily have to come from a real estate professional, but they may be able to point out more strategic moves a seller can make to increase the quality of their offers.

Help the Pet

Pets may not know where they're going, but they know the home is in some kind of transition. Sellers will want to take them out of the home before Open Houses, which can make the pet extremely nervous. Their anxiety will only make the process worse, which is why they may need extra attention during this time.

This tip can be a difficult effort for sellers who already have plenty of other things on their to-do list, but it could also be one of the more important tasks. A distraught pet could cause more damage to a property during escrow—giving buyers a chance to renegotiate the price or back out of the sale.

Hire Professional Assistance

It may take industrial grade equipment to really prepare the home:

  • Professional cleaners will neutralize odors, vacuum every floor, and air out each room properly.
  • Handymen and painters can reduce the lasting marks of structural damage.

Sellers can certainly tackle the cleaning and repairs too, but their efforts may not rival that of a professional's.

Reunion home sellers with pets can certainly get a good price for their property if they take the time to prepare the space. These tips can help buyers see the potential of the home, and not the mess left behind by the animal friends who once lived there.

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