Room-By-Room Home Lighting Guide for New Homeowners

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, April 4th, 2019 at 3:18pm.

A Room by Room Guide on How to Upgrade Home LightingThe lighting needs of each household differs according to the interests, hobbies and preferences of the people who live there. In most homes, the original lighting cannot shine brightly enough to fully illuminate all corners of each room. New construction homeowners can overcome this problem by upgrading the light fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and entryway. This guide can help with the selection of the best lights for each room.

Kitchen Lighting

With sharp knives and other tools in use on a regular basis, the kitchen needs to have bright, focused lighting on all the work areas. Softer lighting all around can also help make the kitchen an inviting place for the household to gather.

For this reason, strategic placement of pendant and track lighting can have the biggest impact on the comfort and function of the kitchen. Homeowners can find pendant lights made from blown glass and many other gorgeous materials. These eye-catching pieces tend to work beautifully as focal points along the bar and dining area. Track lighting, on the other hand, fills in all the areas that need just a bit more light. Homeowners can adjust the track lighting as they wish to focus the light on their workspaces or other areas of the kitchen.

Bathroom Lighting

To achieve the best results from beauty treatments and makeup routines, it is necessary for the bathroom to have more light than a single vanity light can provide. Homeowners can dress up their bathrooms by installing mini chandeliers and LED bar lights throughout the room. The mini chandeliers add a bit of flair to the design while providing more light across the entire room.

The LED bar lights add a touch of light whenever homeowners need it most. These fixtures look like decorative pieces until they are switched on to fill the room with cozy light. Although these lights end up above the mirror most often, they look phenomenal when placed vertically on an adjacent wall instead.

Bedroom Lighting

In the bedroom, lighting must be beyond function to fully promote comfort day and night. For this reason, ceiling fans and smart light systems tend to work best for bedrooms of all sizes. Ceiling fans can provide air circulation and cooling in addition to brightening up the room with their integrated lights. Homeowners can even upgrade the bulbs in the ceiling fans with replacement LEDs to soften or brighten the lighting in the room.

Smart light systems allow for full control of the light brightness and color to set the mood in the bedroom. Adjusting these settings using precise controls also helps homeowners keep their bedrooms comfortable year round. They can even use their remote control to adjust the settings or even turn everything off without leaving the comfort of their beds.

Entryway Lighting

The entryway helps the home make a great first impression on guests. It also helps welcome homeowners home after a long day away from the house. This part of the house can benefit from special attention in selecting the fanciest lighting homeowners can find. Depending on their preferences, homeowners often find that either recessed or hanging light fixtures tend to work beautifully in this space. In some homes, these two light fixtures can work together to elevate the interior design.

Recessed lighting comes in a number of interesting designs, including tilting and open face fixtures. They create small beams of light that help fill the entryway with brightness. The hanging fixtures provide plenty of light themselves but act more as a decorative piece. These hanging lights can mimic chandeliers, track lights and pendants in design, depending on the style selected by the homeowners.

MacKenzie Pointe Homeowners must reflect on their own home lighting solution preferences to find and install the best lights for their home. Lighting alone can dramatically change the look and feel of the interior space, so it is well worth the time and expense to upgrade.

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